Corporate and financial law, mergers and acquisitions

Corporate and financial law, mergers and acquisitions

intui has substantial expertise in corporate law transactions, including complex incorporations and financial transactions, mergers and demergers, management buyouts, transfers of shares and assets, investment and divestment, partnerships, and other restructuring operations. We advise companies at the start of a process on the transaction structure, conduct the due diligence investigation, and efficiently and constructively assist our clients in the negotiation process.

We regularly assist companies in the public issue of shares (including cooperative shares) and other securities, as well as in implementing stock option plans. We provide advice to companies (including listed companies) on their information, transparency and corporate governance obligations,

We are also often being consulted to draft association agreements between self-employed professionals and other service providers.

Moreover, we handle all manner of industrial disputes (see the section titled ‘Dispute settlement and arbitration’), including conflicts between shareholders and other company stakeholders (directors, supervisory board members, etc.) and disputes following the acquisition of shares (post-acquisition disputes). Additionally, we are well versed in disputes in associations of self-employed professionals and disputes following a divorce between spouses involved in the same company.

Our Corporate Law and M&A practice covers some of the following areas:

  • establishment of new businesses/incorporations (choice of legal form, articles of association, etc.)
  • company name/trading name
  • corporate structure and procedures (board, AGM, etc.)
  • corporate dissolution and liquidation
  • disputes between shareholders and/or directors/supervisory board members
  • corporate law issues following divorce
  • liability of directors/supervisory board members
  • distribution of profits, acquisition of own shares, management buyouts
  • associations of self-employed professionals
  • shareholders’ agreements
  • financing transactions (e.g. capital increase, issue of convertible bonds and other securities)
  • corporate restructuring
  • acquisitions
  • mergers and demergers