Tax advisors, accountants, auditors and lawyers in Belgium

Tax advisors, accountants and auditors in Brussels

Accounting and Tax

ECOVIS ACTA Consult is a Belgian accounting firm with offices in Leuven and Brussels.
We provide accounting, tax and consulting services to local and international companies and associations.
tax advisors accountants auditors in Belgium


intui Law firm is a Belgian law firm with offices in Leuven and Brussels.
intui offers extensive expertise in the main areas of corporate law, including law of non-profit organizations.
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HR & Payroll

ECOVIS Lindra offers an integrated and highly personalized approach to three key areas of your business: Compensation & Benefits Management, HR Review and International Employment.
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ECOVIS FKW Bedrijfsrevisoren offers comprehensive services in all fields of auditing.

Global news

Armin Weber Joins IDW Working Group on International Audit Questions
26.02.20 | In February, Ecovis auditor Armin Weber joined the Working Group on International Audit Questions at the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) as a representative for the German “Mittelstan...
Desarrollo del meracado del cannabis en PerĂș
21.02.20 | A casi tres años del incidente que dio un giro total al uso del Cannabis en Perú, resulta importante realizar un análisis de la situación actual, tanto dentro como fuera del país, con la finalidad ...
Créditos fiscales extranjeros y diversas estructuras operativas
21.02.20 | For U.S. companies undergoing international expansion, there are a number of important issues to consider prior to commencing operations in a foreign jurisdiction. A principal consideration is the ...
Modificaciones al sistema fiscal en Paraguay
21.02.20 | Según datos oficiales, Paraguay cuenta con una población total de 6.873.496 habitantes. De ese total, la Población Económicamente Activa (PEA) es de 3.465.976, el cual corresponde al 50% aproximada...
Modifications to the tax system in Paraguay
21.02.20 | According to official data, Paraguay has a total population of 6,873,496 inhabitants. From this total, the total Economically Active Population (PEA) is 3,465,976, which corresponds to approximatel...

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