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Seven FINTECH trends this year – what could be expected?
16.02.2017 | FinTech market probably never has been on such rise as it is currently. Lithuania with the Bank of Lithuania at the forefront grasping full potential of FinTech enterprises for quite some time already is putting concentrated effort to create favourable conditions for FinTech companies to come to Lithuania. It is obvious that FinTech fever is…
Licensing of Fintech companies providing services in single European market
17.01.2017 | Fintech companies, banks, E-money institutions, insurance companies, investment funds, forex companies and other finance institutions in Europe are subject to higher regulation and risk management requirements. Licensing of the Finance Institution in one of the member states within the European Union (EU) opens business opportunities to act and provide services in all other EU countries,…
European Commission will strengthen privacy in electronic communications
16.01.2017 | When you access the web, you often entrust personal information, such as your name, address, and credit card number, to your Internet Service Provider and to the website you are using. Recent surveys show that personal data matters for a huge majority of Europeans – for 92% of them it’s important that their emails and…
International Legal Barometer – Employment contracts: more similarities than differences
16.01.2017 | Munich, 16. January 2017 – What types of employment contracts are there in various countries and what basic requirements with respect to form and content need to be observed?
Summary on the Hungarian tax law changes as from 2017
12.01.2017 | Value Added Tax Corporate Income Tax Labour Taxes Administrative Rules Advertisement Tax Local Taxes Other taxes Read more on…

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