Consultancy and training
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Consultancy and training

Management Consultancy

Management consultancy services consist of the analysis of problems experienced by our clients in business strategies, business operating methods and organizational structures, facilitating applications for the elimination of these problems and developing solution proposals. The organizational structure of the company is reviewed entirely under our management consultancy service. The matter is considered from the standpoint of many different disciplines, such as information technology (IT) and marketing as a result of the analyses conducted. The appropriate solution proposals are presented to our clients. Preparation of guidelines for companies and preparation of constitution for family companies are also parts of this service.

Corporate Consultancy

A wide variety of company and liaison office establishments, status changes, share valuations, liquidations, transfers, mergers and consultancy in commercial negotiations are part of the corporate consultancy service. These services are provided with the assistance of the law department, if necessary.

Organization and Reorganization of Business, Finance, Accounting, Management and Cost Accounting Systems

This service includes the design, development and formation of accounting systems for companies, efficient organization of company documents, formation of management reporting systems, preparation of business budgets and final accounts, as well as provision and training of qualified accounting personnel for this purpose.

Internal Control Systems and Organization and Reorganization of Internal Audit Units

This service covers establishment, development and audit of internal audit systems for companies, preparation of work flow charts, work flow procedures, terms of reference, organization manuals, regulations and guidelines.

Incentive, R&D, Investment and Loan Consultancy

DEGER, which operates on the principle of “Adding value to the values of its clients”, stands ready to assist clients in benefiting from regulations in incentive legislation. Under this service, DEGER undertakes an assessment of opportunities for our client to benefit from R&D, investment and export incentives, assessment and selection of investment and loan alternatives and investment financing consultancy.

Exchange Legislation and Foreign Capital Consultancy

Provisions of the Law for the Protection of the Value of the Turkish Currency (Ref. No. 1567) and Council of Ministers decisions and Communiqués enacted in respect of this Law constitute the subject of foreign exchange legislation. This service includes the conduction, prosecution and conclusion of legal proceedings before the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and Foreign Capital Directorate General in respect of exchange legislation. Moreover, the assessment and settlement of all disputes arising from exchange legislation and foreign capital legislation are a part of this service.

Additional Services

DEGER also conducts feasibility reports and special-purpose reports on determination of current market value appraisement…

Special-purpose Trainings

Special-purpose trainings are performed due to the request of our clients concerning developments regarding legislation amendments, accounting standards and practices. Our company staff includes expert instructors experienced in this type of in service training. In addition, we may utilize outside experts in a given field in the trainings we arrange, if necessary.

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