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ECOVIS SEE is a consultancy company with partners who have a substantial know-how and experience in South East Europe offering a wide range of services for their clients.

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Banking, Building Materials, Embassies, Casino & Entertainment, Developer, Textiles & Shoes, Catering, Industry, Infrastructure, Chambers, Leasing, Brand Retail, Media, Metal & PVC, Real Estate, Leading Law Firms, Retail, Telekom & IT, Transportation, Insurance

Global news

Invest in Uruguay: Increase in Tax Benefits for Investment Projects
23.09.20 | The Uruguayan government recently approved an increase in the tax benefits granted through the Investment Law (Law 16.906). Under this law, taxpayers could qualify for significant tax exemptions b...
Ecovis is now offering legal services in Argentina
10.09.20 | Ecovis welcomes its new partners Estudio Peebles Member of ECOVIS International in Argentina. Der Beitrag Ecovis is now offering legal services in Argentina erschien zuerst auf ECOVIS International.
Government Assistance for Small and Medium Enterprises in the COVID-19 Recovery Period
10.09.20 | Ecovis in Shanghai The Chinese Government has implemented various measures to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during the Coronavirus pandemic, including tax, social security, financ...
India Announces Package for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises During COVID-19
01.09.20 | The Indian Government has announced a package of US$2680 billion—20 lakh crore rupees, which equates to approximately 10% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)—for the country’s struggling economy due t...
Malaysia becomes the second country to implement Digital Service TAX in Southeast Asia
01.09.20 | In 2015, Malaysia joined the ranks of 160 countries around the globe who had implemented a Goods and Services Tax (GST) / Value Added Tax (VAT). Seventeen months later, Malaysia was the first coun...