Specialists services

Specialists services

The stakes are rarely higher than when you have to make key decisions that involve a large portion of your business or personal assets. You need a highly experienced and supportive partner for specialist advisory and consulting services. Call on our directors to help you:

  • Maximise an opportunity to increase your net worth
  • Minimise potential risk and damage from a particular event

ECOVIS KGA experts have experience and specific training in a number of disciplines, and regularly make submissions as independent experts to the High Court and Family Court.

Our team is widely recognised for expertise in:

Business valuations: relationship property

This specialist discipline requires in-depth knowledge of relationship property law and the New Zealand legal fraternity recognises our proven abilities in this area, identifying us as providers of high-quality, impartial relationship property valuation advice.

Business valuations: sales and acquisitions

Our abilities are highly flexible and may range from developing bid prices to supporting price negotiations for vendors or purchasers. We have successfully assisted our vendor clients to negotiate higher prices for their businesses on the back of research and valuation work undertaken by us and can help you to be satisfied that you are not paying too much for a business acquisition.

Capital raising

Businesses need capital to grow and we can assist you in the raising of capital to fund future activity across a wide spectrum, including both debt and equity. We have expertise in raising senior debt, mezzanine funding, venture capital and private equity.

Exit strategies

It is said that the time to consider an exit strategy is right from the day you enter the business. We have assisted clients seeking to exit their businesses whether it is on a complete or staged basis. We can help to facilitate management buy-outs, trade sales or transitioning the business to the next generation.

Economic loss quantification

Disagreements over money can often escalate into full blown litigation. We have extensive experience in valuing monetary claims for economic loss compensation purposes objectively and in providing expert witness support in such cases. We can assist in providing credible, empirically-based loss calculations.

Merger and acquisition support

We have been involved in many mergers, from the mechanics of calculation of merger ratios, to conducting due diligence and even the rather more challenging area of managing individual – sometimes competing – personalities involved in a transaction, as well as helping to bed-down the business post-merger.

Business recovery and insolvency

Whether we are acting as liquidators, receivers, administrators or restructuring advisors we always combine the highest level of expertise, integrity and experience into an innovative approach that is impartial and will achieve an optimal result for all stakeholders. Our collective years of experience in this area will provide you with a first rate business recovery solution.

Financial modelling

Before undertaking any significant business decision or strategy it is advisable to consider the implications by building a model to simulate the real-world likely outcomes. Using proven, fail-safe methodologies we are able to assist your analysis by building three-way integrated Excel-based models to suit a range of needs from simple to very complex.

Investigative accounting

Whether your concern is centred around fraud, irregularity or simply to ensure that your money is being properly looked after, we can apply our extensive expertise in carrying out forensic or investigative reviews culminating in confidential reports of our findings and constructive recommendations. These services extend to banks or financiers who require an independent oversight of their exposures.

Expert witness and litigation support

Our expert witness experience frequently sees us called upon to assist the legal profession through the preparation of expert briefs of evidence and presentation of them in Court. Our proven expertise makes us recognised providers of a service that is typically intellectually challenging and deadline-driven.


A well-worn adage is that business people expend too much effort working in the business and not enough working on it. Sometimes you spend so much time at the coal face that you lose sight of the wider issues. An independent director can provide objective input and direction to your business without involvement in the daily operations. We can provide such objectivity with integrity, business acumen and decades of governance experience.

Inward and outward bound investment advice

Through globalisation and free trade arrangements the business world has come to New Zealand’s doorstep. Whether you are considering taking your business global or are contemplating setting up shop in New Zealand, we can help with structuring advice, taxation planning and other relevant services to ensure you reduce your risks of engaging in a different market place.

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