Bassam Cordahi

Bassam Cordahi

Partner, CPA, Auditor

Bassam Cordahi is a partner of ECOVIS BCA Lebanon an independent member firm of ECOVIS International.

Starting his journey in 1992 as an auditor at BDO – Fiduciaire Du Moyen Orient.

Six years later, in 1998, Bassam started his assurance service practice, advising local firms on a wide range of issues including auditing, accounting, compliance and regulatory matters. He also serves as a court expert in high profile accounting and auditing cases in accordance with the Lebanese Code of Commerce since 2011.

Bassam serves a Group in Africa through providing a wide range of services including accounting, business planning, budgeting and financial reporting affairs.

Over 27 years of audit, tax and advisory in the field of banking, insurance, hospitals, education, retail, not-for-profit, services, manufacturing, trading, real estate, contracting, web & internet, fashion and media provides Bassam with networking capacity upon which strategic business relationships across the region are founded.

Bassam holds a Chartered Public Accountant Diploma, from the Collège des Frères Sacré Coeur and Public Accountant Diploma from the Lebanese Government and a member of the Lebanese Association for Mediation and Conciliation. He is also a licensed member of the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants (LACPA).