Business Planning and Fund Raising
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Business Planning and Fund Raising

Every business has a plan setting out what it wants to achieve. Investors and lending institutions will want to review your business plan before considering an investment or a loan application.

At ECOVIS DCA Accountants and Business Advisors, we understand that communicating your business plan is a difficult task – especially when you need to do it yourself. That’s where our expertise in business plan preparation comes in – we’ll also prepare your financial projections, which will assist you with internal strategic planning and acquisition financing as well as licence and loan applications.

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Partner in Ireland
Eamonn Garvey (ACMA)
+353 1 8230048
Declan Dolan, Partner in Ireland
Declan Dolan (ACCA; ACMA)
Partner, Bachelor of Commerce Degree, FCA, QFA
+353 1 823 0053

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