We have experienced in serving broad range of business including private company, listing company and non-profit seeking organization.

  • Manufacturing
    Chemical, Steel, Textile, Plywood, Food, etc.
  • Finance
    Banking, Futures trading, Insurance, Leasing, etc.
  • Resort and hotel
    Apartment, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Spa, etc.Non-profit seeking organization
    Church, Foundation, Cooperation, School, etc.
  • Forestry and plantation
    Wood, Palm oil, Rubber, etc.
  • Mining
    Coal, Iron, Bauxite, Cement, etc.
  • Property
    Real Estate, Contractor, Office Rental, etc.
  • Others
    Broadband, IT, Distribution, Fishery, Freight forwarding, Retail, Trading, Shipping, etc.

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Partner, Auditor in Indonesia
Muhammad Abgari
Partner, Auditor, (AGAM), ST., B.Eng., M.M., MAPPI (CERT.)
Phone: +62 021 78 84 07 77