Taxation service
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Taxation service

The global tax environment keeps changing rapidly as a result of joint operations of different countries’ government and unilateral measures by individual country. As experienced tax professionals, we provide forward looking tax planning and tax advisory to both multinational and local companies, as well as individuals.

Tax Compliance

The Hong Kong tax system is grounded on the territorial concept. For income to be subject to tax in Hong Kong. The major taxes in Hong Kong are:

  • Salaries tax – on income from an office, employment and any pension.
  • Profits tax – on income from a trade, profession or business.
  • Property tax – on income from land and buildings located in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a simple tax system requires compliance by taxpayers. It is important for both companies and individuals to understand their obligations to avoid non-compliance penalties.

Our team is professional in handling different kinds of tax return filing and assisting in responding quires from the tax authorities. Our Services include:

  • Corporate and individual tax returns and computations
  • Application for Hong Kong tax relief
  • Assist in replying to Queries, Field Audit and Investigation raised by Inland Revenue Department

Tax Advisory

We understand that each individual or corporate has its unique tax position. Tax advice and solutions are tailor-made to take care of client’s needs. Our professional advisors would identify effective ways to reduce tax charges by utilizing the tax law incentives.

We offer a board range of professional tax advisory services:

  • HK Tax due diligence reviews
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Merger and acquisition planning

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