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Seminar about individual income tax, social insurance and private pension

(June 16th, 2014)

By ECOVIS Beijing

On the 3rd of June 2014, Ms. Manuela Reintgen from ECOVIS Beijing and Mr. Klaus-Peter von der Eltz from Expatriate Care Consult held a seminar on individual income tax, social insurance and private pension at the German Chamber of Commerce in Beijing – two days later, on the 5th of June, this event was repeated for the German Chamber in Tianjin, at St. Regis Hotel.

seminar_about_individual_income_tax,_social_insurance_and_private_pension_1 seminar_about_individual_income_tax,_social_insurance_and_private_pension_2

With regard to long-term employment in China, many issues concerning the terms of that employment, a suitable contract design and the ensuing insurance questions arise. Furthermore, the relations between contributions by employers and employees, the options for optimizing individual income tax structures, amongst much more, must also be discussed. Ms. Manuela Reintgen and Mr. Klaus-Peter von der Eltz focused their presentations on these points and gave practical advice.

Manuela Reintgen explained for instance how the Individual Income Tax (IIT) burden could be reduced by implementing an annual bonus in the salary structure and showed how much RMB could be saved only by this measure. When Klaus-Peter von der Eltz spoke about the benefits and drawbacks of the Chinese social insurance, he pointed out, that it remains important to have an own private provision in order to avoid any financial damages and be fully covered in case of health issues or accidents. People from Germany who don’t speak Chinese should be aware of possible language barriers and that they might also have to deal with long queues and less privacy since the Chinese medical insurance only covers treatments administered in government-approved hospitals.

All in all the seminar covered the following aspects:

  • Background to social insurance in Germany and China
  • Calculating and optimizing the individual income tax
  • Employment in China and effects on social insurance
  • Insurance coverage for Germans in China


Mr. Klaus-Peter von der Eltz worked as the representative of an insurance group in Shanghai for five years. He is an insurance expert with his focus on Mainland China and the business director of Expatriate Care Consult. Manuela Reintgen has lived and worked in Shanghai and Beijing since 2009. As Manager of the Business Development department at ECOVIS Beijing, contract design, social insurance, individual income tax and further HR related topics form an inherent part of her day-to-day work.


Pictures from Beijing

seminar_about_individual_income_tax,_social_insurance_and_private_pension_3 seminar_about_individual_income_tax,_social_insurance_and_private_pension_4

Pictures from Tianjin

seminar_about_individual_income_tax,_social_insurance_and_private_pension_5 seminar_about_individual_income_tax,_social_insurance_and_private_pension_6

With contributions by Markus Mönch (ECOVIS Beijing)

Manuela Reintgen Manuela Reintgen has been living and working in Shanghai and Beijing since 2009 and recently joined ECOVIS Beijing as Manager of the Business Development team. Having focused on foreign direct investment into China for the last few years, she advises clients on all aspects of establishing and doing business in China. Contact:
Ecovis Beijing is the trusted tax and legal advisor of several embassies and official institutions in China. It specializes in mid-sized international companies and focused on tax & legal advisory, accounting and auditing. If you’re interested in finding out more about tax and legal, don’t hesitate to sign up to our Newsletter or give us a call +86 10-65616609 (ext 811/806) or contact us directly via Beijing@ecovis.com
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