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ECOVIS in Shanghai and Taicang qualified to review investors’ documentation interested in China’s financial leasing industry

(April 1st, 2016)

Throughout China’s implementation of the 11th and 12th 5-year-plan the country was seeking to reform and develop its short-term and long-term financial leasing system so as to let the pawn industry play an active role in meeting financing needs of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises but also to support emergency requirements of residents as well as the overall economic and social development.

With the increased maturity and, stability of China’s pawn industry it achieved a healthy and fast development with pawning covering the areas ofmovable property, real estate and property rights, allowing petty sum, short-term convenient and flexible leasing.

The Ministry of Commerce yet continued to strictly control market access of pawning enterprises.

While, from 2016 onwards according to the Ministry of Commerce special notice (2015) No. 790 we, ECOVIS Ruide China in Shanghai and Taicang (Jiangsu) are honored to receive the qualification to become one of eight CPA firms in Shanghai, who could offer audit / capital verification services for investors wishing to invest in an enterprise engaging in financial leasing in China.

Whether you are a Chinese, or overseas investor interested in investing in Shanghai’s pawn business, as a professional accounting firm we are at your service. You can contact us via marketing@ecovis.cn or via our website www.ecovis.cn .

Pingwen Hu
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