Tax Advice

Tax Advice

Tax advice for national and international businesses

Tax assistance from the beginning of a business, during its development and until the end of operations in Chile.

Responses to technical queries about extraordinary operations

Oriented to the survey of possible tax effects for non-daily operations carried out by companies, for commercial, legal or other reasons.

Due Diligence

in the acquisition of companies. We carry out a complete legal and tax diagnosis to detect any problems that may influence the decision to acquire a company).

Tax diagnostics and designs

Review of all taxes that affect companies with local and international presence with the aim of fulfilling their obligations in both territories with the highest possible efficiency.

International taxation

With emphasis on the application of treaties to avoid international double taxation signed by chile.

Return of equity

Efficiency in the return of equity invested in Chile at the closing of operations.

Request for recovery of VAT

on investments in fixed assets or associated with exports.

Restructuring and business planning

With a view to tax efficiency considering the business group as a whole.

Responses to notifications and quotes from the SII

Representation before the Tax Authority to give written answers to special audits carried out by the tax authority.

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Partner in Chile
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Partner in Chile
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