Consultancy services
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Consultancy services

The demand for equalization or listing, acquisition, merger, divestment or structure, restructuring or capital mobilization, business risk reduction, business process and internal control review are becoming essential in the new stage. With a team of experienced consultants who are knowledgeable about the market, we guarantee to provide the best quality consulting
services, as follows:

Business appraisal services

Our consultants have full experience in business appraisal. The appraisal may be carried out independently or partly in the process of equalization, listing or capital mobilization. We carry out the appraisal as a licensed appraisal firm as well as an independent valuer.

We intensively research on each economy, industry, business orientation and use international methods to provide independent quality and value for businesses.

Consulting on the equalization and preparing for listing

When the enterprises intend to equitize, privatize or Initial Public Offering (IPO), we will offer support by:Planning for equalization according to the international standards;

  • Recommend appropriate operating models and structures;
  • Support the Executive Board in preparation and reviewing the forecasts;
  • Identify key investors and partners;
  • Provide useful advices on corporate finance, profits maximizing and how to achieve the business’ targets.

Transaction Support

As current inevitable trend, the strategy of most growing businesses is to expand to the domestic and international market, in the form of establishing branches or acquiring companies in the target markets. Our role is to identify risks and minimize them in the expansion transactions, support investors and managers to make decisions confidently, timely support and consult at any stage of investment process.

We conduct investigations and due diligence and provide a complete analysis of business objectives such as:

  • The market and competitors;
  • Financial situation;
  • Capacity of management;
  • Ability to maintain position in the market;
  • Financial and cash flow forecast;
  • Working capital.

Services Upon Request

  • Careful planning and close coordination are the determinants for the success in business transactions. Our consultancy services upon request will support customers to maximize their strengths in the following fields:
  • Expanding the business ownership;
  • Capital management;
  • Developing alliance strategies;
  • Consulting of divestment strategy;
  • Reviewing effectiveness of strategies;
  • Assessing management activities.

Enterprises can develop effectively in the many fields such as merger, acquisition or resale, financial restructuring, business recovery, capital reduction, asset management with our support.

Business restructuring consultancy

Even if a company is operating effectively, it will still face certain difficulties and challenges, and when that happens, reducing losses and maximizing profits are the first priority, we understand that and can support in the following fields:

  • Promoting the business acquisition and merger;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Making arrangements with lenders;
  • Refinancing;
  • Supporting in finding investors;
  • Setting up business recovery strategy.

Management consultancy

We consult and support on legal procedures, review governance mechanisms, and then develop strategies for managers and businesses.

Management consultancy service under Benchmarking method

We can improve management policies and business operation processes with the ratios and standards regulated by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), ensure business operations and meet the best management standards.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Consultancy

As consultants and experts, we can help businesses increase the assertiveness in key risks management and dealing with business challenges.

We support businesses to identify important strategies and set up risk policies. Using our risk management consulting service can help businesses implement the management reconstruction and develop effectively strategies to solve the risks you will face.

Internal Audit Service

We provide internal audit services to the owners, managers and investors so that businesses can be assured that all risks of the business are under effective control.

Outsourcing Internal Audit Service

Our internal audit service has both outsourced forms and combined forms.

We assess the level of risk that businesses may encounter, identify the most vulnerable areas, develop appropriate working plans and risk reduction audit programs for customers.

Our staff will be dispatched to participate in the company’s internal audit activities with the assurance that they are selected according to qualifications the customer required.

Internal Audit Transformation Service

We can help customers assess their internal audit functions, identify the shortcomings at the present time and establish the best internal audit standards. We can support the development of the company’s audit skills to enhance the value of internal audit activities in the enterprise.

Business Process Review And Corporate Restructuring

We can help businesses improve business performance by offering business performance solutions. Our solutions are created based on links between individuals or organizations, technology and business processes.

Considering the industry characteristics and the specific demands of each business, our experts will research the business processes as a part of the foundation so that we can identify objectives, risks, control and then give appropriate recommendations. In addition, we can assess whether the customer’s organization structure and working capacity support the strategic objectives or not.

Design Documentations on Operation Process and Manual

Our objective is to help businesses improve their documentation on business system and processes to reflect current business procedures and best performance in the industry. The documents about processes can be presented in the form of flowcharts, diagrams or manuals.

Service on Smart Business Management Solutions and Business Analysis

We build charts report for each department and use all the data to have a clear view on the business, such as whether it is operating effectively or not, which factors contribute to the efficiency and expenses, etc.., therefore, we can advise better solutions.

The analysis method is used to assess important accounts, investigate agreements related fraud and achieve maximum effectiveness in financial auditing.

Consultancy on Frauds and Legal Risks

In most of companies, there is an estimated 7% of revenue lost due to fraud. We can help businesses reduce this risk and consult businesses about appropriate actions to detect and prevent them.

Assess the level of sensitivity to fraud

We will improve the business processes understanding to assess fraud sensitivity and identify fraud risk factors. Then, we can provide solutions to eliminate loopholes and effectively manage the identified risks.