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Ecovis & friends supports the people in Ukraine

In order to ensure that the aid reaches where it is needed as quickly as possible, we would like to introduce you to the organisations and projects that the Ecovis & friends foundation has already supported through your donations.


How we help on site

We are in constant exchange with our partners in Kiev from ECOVIS Bondar & Bondar, who, like Oleksandra Nikitina, are very committed to urgently needed aid supplies in the particularly affected regions and organise the transports and local distribution on site.

The “Circle of Friends” (Freundeskreis Partnerschaft Wischgorod e.V.), together with the community of Eichenau and many other volunteers, supports the city of Wischgorod, which is located about 30 km north of Kiev. There, the “Circle of Friends” provide support to a children’s home in the Wischgorod district Novo Petriwzi.

Our financial support is for the children whose children’s home had to be evacuated due to the war. They are now coming to Germany, where they will be accommodated and supported until further notice.

Together with the city of Aschaffenburg and another team of volunteers, “One Day” is in charge of the two emerging emergency shelters (Erbighalle for approx. 170 people & old Impress building Damm for approx. 80 people) that are currently set up in Aschaffenburg.

The organisation handles the coordination on site and also provides individual attention to cases of hardship and personal stories of mothers and children who are in urgent need of protection due to traumatic experiences in their home country. Thus, a flexible and solution-oriented contact point for refugees is created in cooperation with translators, doctors, test and vaccination teams as well as the youth and social welfare office. Many volunteers support One Day, for example with childcare and therapeutic consultations.

By the end of March, about 120 people have arrived at the Erbighalle emergency shelter in Aschaffenburg. From the end of April, the second shelter in the old Impress building can also be used. 72 women and children will be able to find long-term accommodation there and will be further supported by One Day.

The Nehemia Circle of Friends sees itself as an interdenominational Christian welfare organisation. The association now runs, several houses, a small factory with a mill, a bakery, a pasta machine and an oil press as well as a small farm in the Ukraine.

With the proceeds from the sale of the products, numerous social institutions can be supplied free of charge and also receive financial support. In the small business, 22 Ukrainians find official employment, which helps them to provide for their whole family with their income. The organisation now intensively supports Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine and Poland.

Pajacyk („Pacifier“) is a part of Polska Akcja Humanitarna, an established and experienced Polish aid organisation. The support provides food, care and psychological support for Ukrainian children and young people who have fled to Poland.


Many thanks for your donations. We will further keep you updated about our support.


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