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Procedural law and national and international arbitration

In those cases where all the attempts to reach a settlement have been infructuous, our office will plan a suitable court strategy and represent the client before any state jurisdiction in Spain. We will also coordinate all legal actions that have to be taken or which have to be faced abroad. For this purpose, we have a large network of foreign legal correspondents covering almost all the countries worldwide.

Another service we offer is the enforcement of court rulings and arbitral awards issued abroad. Also, whenever it comes to enforcing Spanish resolutions in a foreign country, we will make us of our international partners.

Our professionals will represent our clients both as plaintiffs or defendants and in any and all ad hoc or institutional arbitration processes taking place before Spanish or foreign arbitration courts (CEA, TAB, ICAM, LCIA, CCI, etc.). Where necessary, we will also present appeals against arbitral awards.

Given the lack of agility of the Spanish courts, we understand that in many cases a bad deal turns out to be better remedy than a good process. Our professional ethics dictate us to advise the client with full honesty whether it is worth or not to take legal action in court in every specific case. In addition, we also think it is essential to advise our clients regarding the realistic chances of success of a court action, taking into account the uncertainty associated with relying on a third party: obviously it is of no use having a positive court ruling or award if there is no way to enforce it.