The law office ECOVIS LEGAL SPAIN v. CARSTENN-LICHTERFELDE ABOGADOS began its activities in 1997, created by two partners putting together their varied experience. Since then it has been developing its services, focusing its current activities in providing legal advice in the fields of commercial and corporate law, labor and business law, corporate restructuring law, procedural law (including domestic and international arbitration), M & A, insolvency law and economic criminal law, and this from a personalized, strategic, global and interdisciplinary point of view.

The office advises domestic and foreign companies, among which we can find from large multinationals to medium and small enterprises, in many of which we assume the function of Secretary of the Board and legal counsel. Among foreign clients German and Swiss stand out for number and importance.

The type of cases in which the office is involved varies from one customer to another. We can distinguish between cases in which the office provides a constant advice on the areas in which it operates, and those, in which the office receives ad-hoc and specific cases that can refer to an operation of M & A, corporate restructuring or representation in court or arbitration proceedings.

What can you expect from Ecovis Legal Spain?

  1. Competent legal advice in all the legal areas related to national and international corporations regarding Spain, including commercial and corporate law, labor law, corporate restructuring, litigation (including domestic and international arbitration), M & A, bankruptcy law, and criminal economic law.
  2. Customized service: No two cases are alike. Legal solutions need to be provided according to the specific needs of every single client.
  3. Strategic advice: Our philosophy is not about simply reacting to problems already occurred. We aim to prevent problematic situations and, if they are unavoidable, treat them in a strategic way. Before taking action, we will always review the different options with the client and implement the agreed upon strategy.