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Our office is specialized in providing accounting services, auditing, financial consulting and accounting, administrative and technical consultancy, risk assessment and management, training and professional recruitment.

External audit

  • The audit
  • Examination and examination limited
  • Reports and Special reports
  • Special measures agreed

Zakat and Taxes

  • Zakat and Zakat forms
  • Preparing taxes forms and certificates
  • Tax planning
  • Tax consultancy services

Risk assessment and management

  • The internal audit
  • Regulations and the organization of the audit
  • Risks

Financial Advisors

  • Corporate finance
  • Preparation and development of the organizational structure
  • Services deals
  • Conflicts and issues

Business Consulting

  • Information systems
  • Preparation and development of policies and procedures
  • Feasibility studies

Training and Development

  • The accounting and auditing
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk assessment and management

Contact persons:

Saudi Arabia
Saad Alsabti
+966 503 220 002
Saudi Arabia
Khaled Alsabti
+966 503 220 002