Tax, Accounting & HR
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Tax, Accounting & HR

ECOVIS Russia – Maintaining Accurate and Confidential Accounts

Accounting and tax reporting is part of everyday life of each business – from natural persons to individual enterpreneurs to LLCs.

Ecovis Russia keeps records and caters to business support needs of companies and individuals, attending to full cycle of business operations.

How we can help:

  • Financial accounting
  • Corporate and personal tax accounting (Income tax, VAT, PIT, etc.)
  • Managerial accounting
  • HR administration
    • Payroll compliance and administration
    • Calculation and filing of all payroll-related taxes and charges
  • Creation and formalization of accounting and tax accounting policies
  • Communication with tax authorities, banks, other institutions on behalf of the client
  • Full or partial reconstruction of financial and tax accounts for previous periods

Why Ecovis

  • Our clients often view us as extended part of their team as we naturally assume accounting, payroll and administrative tasks.
  • We build customized relationships with the clients, allowing businesses to focus on the pursuit of their goals, safely outsoursing financial support functions.
  • Our client service is partner-led, allowing for quick and direct access to the contact person.
  • Our team consists of experienced professionals, having deep understanding of local accounting standards, tax and labour legislation.

Contact us:

Senior Manager, Financial Manager in Russia
Maria Vyssotskaya
Senior Manager, Financial Manager – ECOVIS CONSECO Press
+7 495 510 50 71

Scope of services: