Tax consulting

In the area of tax consulting, we can provide you with services from a wide spectrum. We are focused on working closely as a team to understand our client’s key business issues while helping them to achieve their objectives in the most tax-efficient manner. That is so due to the large number of our consultants in different specialized consulting areas as well as due to the requirements of our clients who are enabling us to gain a wealth of experience. A specialty of our enterprise and of our consulting group is multilingual consulting, which means that our clients can get opinions in the Serbian, English and/or German language. By analyzing and reflecting on problems from national and international perspectives, we can provide you with high quality consulting, which meets western European standards.


We provide tax consulting services for a large number of expatriates working in Serbia, mostly for foreign citizens from German language area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), but also for foreign citizens from other countries (USA, UK, France, Slovenia…) and for citizens of neighboring countries (Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro).

One of the most important values in expatriate tax issues is confidentiality, and this is something which all of our clients are especially satisfied with. It is because of the approach that all expatriate tax issues are solved in one center and well coordinated.

We are also involved in procedures launched in home countries of expatriates in regard with finding the easiest way in avoiding of double taxation, taking into consideration double taxation treaties signed by Serbia, and local legislative. Contacts with foreign tax consultants are also part of our service.

Finding the proper solution to make our client less involved but well informed in taxation procedure is our goal.

Our services include: temporary residence approvals and labor permits for foreign citizens, start-up consulting, preparation of monthly personal tax returns, preparation of annual personal income tax return, assistance in personal income tax payments, representation at tax office in special tax procedures…

Tax administration

Registering VAT tax-payers and other tax registration, as well as preparation of the tax file in the Tax administration is of extreme importance and it is one of the most responsible tasks of the administration service. This type of work demands great engagement and coordination of cooperation between the client and the Tax administration, with the utmost goal to honour the legally proscribed time terms.

All the administration employees have perfect knowledge of the foreign languages, so the translation of documents and clients’ requests and mediation in communication is one of the regular assignments of the administration department.