Accounting and bookkeeping services

Our accounting team consists of accountants who have significant experience in different accounting areas such as construction, real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, energy trade, legal services, IT management, transport and many others.

We can provide you with services from a wide spectrum:


  • Supervising and keeping accounts of the ongoing business
  • Calculation of profit and loss
  • Supervision of tax accounts
  • Planning and consultancy in all areas of accounting

Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping services consist of proper maintenance of the accounting in accordance with the law (posting of suppliers and clients invoices, inventory, assets register, bank reconciliation…).

Other statutory regulations

This service consists of compliance with Serbian laws regulating foreign exchange, foreign trade, and statistical requirements which require the filling out and filing of appropriate documentation.

Value Added Tax

Tax payers are legally obliged to enter VAT system when their supply in last 12 months exceeds TRSD 8,000 (T EUR 80). The VAT return have to be submitted within 15 days from the end of the month for monthly tax payers, and within 20 days after the end of quarter for tax payers who are paying VAT on quarterly basis.

(Applicable from 1.1.2013)

Our services include the review whether the invoices and import documents meet legal requirements.

Reporting Services

The reporting for the accounting departments of international concerns is a very complex service, which we can offer pursuant to the IAS standards or pursuant to the guidelines of your concern

The “reporting” documents that we prepare are following:

On a monthly basis:
  1. Income statement (due on the 15th day of M +1 ) – Income statement will be presented by function on one hand and by nature of costs on the other hand
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Other reports depending on the requirements of clients
On a quarterly basis:
  1. A trial balance
  2. Income statement
  3. Balance sheet
  4. Ageing Debtor’s balance
  5. Statement of provisions
  6. 6Calculation of expected income tax
On an annual basis:
  1. Preparation of financial statements in accordance with statutory requirements
  2. Preparation of the financial statements under IFRS standards including income statement , balance sheet, cash flow statement and notes
  3. Ageing debtor’s balance
  4. Statement of provisions
And much more