Taxation law and application

Taxation law and application

Successful business of every individual or commercial enterprise depends on correct and professional tax planning regardless of whether a deal is envisaged to take place inland with a merchant incorporated in the Republic of Latvia or in a foreign country or otherwise in connection with a non-resident.

Thus particular attention must be paid to deals and henceforth issuing tax consequences. The ECOVIS CONVENTS LAW OFFICE provides legal aid and consultations on the following fields of taxation law:

  • Evaluation, planning, studying of the deals and issuing tax consequences;
  • Deals with companies incorporated in low or tax-free zones, assessment and prevention of tax risks;
  • Working out of a short or a long-term tax policy;
  • Dividends and their taxation;
  • Representation of the client in relations with tax administration;
  • Appeal against the rulings of tax administration.

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