Recruitment and formation
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Recruitment and formation

Your company is worth the value of your staff

Recruitment of qualified employees

Through our international network ECOVIS COMARK handles the elaboration and publication of the job advertisements. We will furthermore do preliminary interviews in order to select and present potential candidates. ECOVIS COMARK is thus your guarantee for a professional and competent recruitment with maximum outcome according to the present labour market situation.

Elaboration of labour contracts

considering all requirements of Portuguese labour law.


ECOVIS COMARK prepares application forms for the Portuguese Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) aiming at educational aid from the European Social Funds. Furthermore we organise and carry out all necessary actions to further assist our clients.

Seminars and workshops

ECOVIS COMARK offers custom made concepts within intra-service training and formation:

  • Improvement of internal communication
  • Teamwork
  • Human Relationship
  • Organisation