About us

The Ecovis Milczarek and Partners Law Firm provides legal services to economic entities in Poland – both companies which are already active here and those which are still planning activity and investment in Poland.

The Ecovis Milczarek and Partners Law Firm is engaged in legal services for economic entities in the fields of economic law, tax law, and other aspects of Polish law. Our Clients are investment companies, manufacturing companies, service providers, and companies with Polish and foreign capital. The service of foreign companies beginning or carrying out activities in Poland is one of the Office’s basic functions.

ECOVIS Milczarek and Partners Law Firm ensures its Clients receive legal services of the highest standard. The Marcin Milczarek and Partners Law Firm’s most crucial sources of success are:

  • An experienced team
    Our experienced team, built from outstandingly educated and strongly motivated specialists who know their way around the specifics of the Polish market and with perfect knowledge of the international legal and taxation requirements (including EU), guarantee the Office’s Clients the proper legal help both in terms of current economic activity and over the course of taking strategic investment decisions and executing them in Poland.
  • An individual approach to the needs of the Client.
    While offering legal services to its Clients, the Office assures them at the same time of individual treatment and a flexible approach to problem solving. Our Office provides the right answers quickly and supports enterprises that require consultancy and legal assistance.
  • Close co-operation with the Client.
    We pay special attention to developing a close working relationship with our Clients. Each of the Office’s Clients always has direct contact – by telephone or email – with a member of the team engaged in co-operation with the Client. Direct contact with the Client enables us to identify and resolve problems at an early stage. This model of co-operation allows us to act quickly, which prevents problems from arising.
  • Knowledge of the aspects and specifics of the Polish market
    An acquaintance with and understanding of the specifics of the Polish market in all economic and legal and tax aspects, as well as our many years of experience allow us to work not just rapidly, but above all effectively. As a result our Clients achieve their desired results.
  • The real value of our advice.
    Thanks to accurate and reliable legal advice, based on the knowledge and experience of the specialists from our Office, our Clients’ businesses become more profitable, the Clients avoid unnecessary costs such as fines, including tax, and arguments. That’s why the advice we provide has real value.