ECOVIS System Rewident team consists of 85 – person staff with high professional qualifications, wide experience, and specialist knowledge in the area of performed services. In order to ensure the high quality of performed services and to meet sophisticated expectations of our clients, employees represent wide range of specializations and practical abilities and closely cooperate with each other, exchanging knowledge and experience. The management and employees know excellently realities of the Polish economy (especially complex after entering European Union) and are perfectly familiar with local and international legal regulations.

We employ statutory auditors and also cooperate with statutory auditors all over Poland. They have gained long-term experience while working in accounting departments at the positions of Chief Accountants, Financial Directors in Polish and international companies and also in audit departments in international audit firms. Statutory auditors supervise auditing and also participate in audit of our client’s financial statements. They solve arising accounting and tax problems – on the basis of internal consultations, if necessary. Furthermore, they supervise work of employed applicants. Accounting services are provided by well educated, certified accountants.

Auditing and accounting services are supported by employed lawyers and tax advisors.

All employees constantly improve their qualifications and upgrade their knowledge in the area of changing legal regulations. They participate in trainings, conferences and workshops. Statutory auditors hold internal trainings, where we exchange our experience and knowledge. They also provide outside training services on behalf of System Rewident.

Cooperation with local and international companies, operating in different branches and sectors of economy, allowed us to gain an experience, which enables us to undertake complex, requiring specialist knowledge, tasks.