Steuerberater, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte & Unternehmensberater in Polen

Audit of financial statements in Poland


Wir bieten unabhängige Abschlussprüfungsleistungen gemäß dem polnischen Rechnungslegungsgesetz und den IAS/IFRS an.

HR and payroll in Poland

Buchführung und HR

Wenn wir die Buchführung und die Personal- und Lohnbuchhaltung übernehmen, werden unsere Mandanten entlastet und können sich nun auf Ihre Kernkompetenzen konzentrieren.


Da wir selbst Unternehmer sind, helfen wir unseren Mandanten, im gesetzlich zulässigen Rahmen möglichst wenig Steuern zu zahlen.


Wir entwickeln präzise und eindeutige juristische Lösungen unter Berücksichtigung Ihrer Interessen, dabei handeln wir schnell und effektiv.

Unterstützung beim Markteintritt in Polen

Wir sind der Meinung, dass der Unternehmer keine Zeit zum Anstehen hat, und unterstützen deshalb unsere Mandanten im Rahmen eines „Ein-Schalter-Systems“.

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Global news

Corona-Pandemic: Immediate Taxation, Legal Measures and Financial Aid in Spain, France, Malta, Romania.
30.03.20 | More new measures and financial aid packages have been announced to support SMEs during the pandemic. France, Malta and Romania have announced tax deferral policies and postponements of tax due dates. Spain has announced an extension to the state of emergency but is still maintaining the deadlines for tax payments. Our experts summarise the most...
Corona-Pandemic: Immediate Taxation, Legal Measures and Financial Aid in Greece, Poland, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco
27.03.20 | The outbreak of COVID-19 is a disaster for many businesses. Countries around the world are working at full speed to provide assistance. In Poland, for example, “zero zones” have been created, with strict control measures. More and more governments are introducing new measures to limit the damage to their economies. Greece On 23 March 2020, […] D...
Lithuania: Amendments to Convention 108 – European Standards for Personal Data Protection will be Applied in Third Countries
26.03.20 | On 7 November 2019, the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania ratified the protocol (CETS No. 223) amending the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (ETS No. 108, the “the Convention”) and endorsed its explanatory report. Currently, 36 states have ratified the amendments to the Conve...

Poland news


COVID 19 Anti-crisis shield project — proposals regarding taxes and social insurance
30.03.20 | Pursuant to the new special-purpose Act (the “Crisis Shield Act”), the deadline for the introduction of a new single control file (JPK_VAT), which is to combine a single control file with a VAT declaration, has been extended. The post COVID 19 Anti-crisis shield project — proposals regarding taxes and social insurance appeared first on Ecovis Po...
COVID 19 Anti-crisis shield project — proposals regarding labor law
30.03.20 | The draft Act on Special Measures Aimed at Prevention and Control of COVID-19, Other Infectious Diseases and the Resulting Crisis Situations (the “Crisis Shield Act”) provides for a range of job retention measures in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. The following two support mechanisms will be of special importance. The post COVID 19 Anti-cris...
Coronavirus – legal alert
16.03.20 | On 8 March 2020, the Polish government introduced the Act on Special Measures Aimed at the Prevention and Control of COVID-19, Other Infectious Diseases and the Resulting Crisis Situations (the “CV Act”). The post Coronavirus – legal alert appeared first on Ecovis Poland.

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who we are
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  • Whether you are an international business person or a
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    all know that there are no simple answers to the many
    questions on tax, law and business that face you every
    day. Full-service consulting requires profound know
    how in many different areas and the ability to bring it all
  • Our 360 degree approach brings together experts from
    many fields and helps us to make sure we can give you all
    the advice you need to meet the specific challenges of your
    business, today and also tomorrow.
  • Our competence centres bring together experts in a wide
    range of spheres.

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  • Ecovis is a leading global consulting fi rm with its origin in Continental Europe. More than 7,500 people work within our network providing expertise and consultancy in the areas of tax, auditing, accounting and legal services in over 75 countries. Our diversifi ed expertise and our effective support help our clients to achieve their personal and business goals and objectives. We also help to optimise processes and methods in order to maximise effectiveness and effi ciency for all our clients.
    This enables us to offer premium service at a reasonable price.
  • Our consultants focus on building close, long term relationships with our clients, enabling the provision and delivery of customised solutions tailored to the specific needs and demands of each client.
  • At the same time every Ecovis office can rely on qualified specialists in the back offices as well as on specific industrial or national know-how of all Ecovis experts worldwide.

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  • Whether yours is an established international business dealing with cross border issues, a family owned company, the branch of a major corporation or a government organisation, we are at your side wherever your business takes you. With Ecovis, you will always have a home advantage. Being there means less communications hassle and increases our
    understanding of your special situation.
    We aim to work in partnership with you to provide the support and accessibility of a small company with the wealth of experience that can be expected from a global organisation.
  • In most instances, we have an international office located at a place near you, and can provide the sort of professional assistance and consulting that is just what you need.
  • With offices in more than 75 countries, Ecovis can help your business fly wherever you choose to take it.

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  • In business, be it national or international, success depends on having a partner you can deal with, working at the same level and with an extensive understanding of your concerns and opportunities. Your personal advisor at Ecovis is himself an experienced business person. Together, you share a common bond on which trust and mutual respect are developed, which allows your business to reach its full potential. As an Ecovis client you can draw on the interdisciplinary knowledge and proven capabilities of a leading consulting group with more than 7,500 experts throughout the world.
  • Whether you need tax services, auditing, accounting or legal services, your personal Ecovis consultant has both the local knowledge and the business acumen to make your business a success.
  • Each Ecovis consultant has instant access to our many specialist departments as well as to national and international colleagues with well developed skill sets in different fields and jurisdictions.

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