Accountants, auditors, tax advisors and lawyers in Poland

Audit of financial statements in Poland

Financial audit

We offer independent audits carried out in compliance with the Polish Accountancy Act and IAS/IFRS.

HR and payroll in Poland

Accounting and HR

By entrusting their personnel and payroll administration and accounting needs to us our clients can free up their resources and focus on their core competencies.


Being business people ourselves, we look for ways to help our clients to pay taxes which are as low as possible given the framework of what is legally permissible.


We create precise and unambiguous legal solutions, always taking into account your interests, acting quickly and effectively.

Polish market entry support

We believe that business people do not have the time to stand in queues, so our support for companies works on the ‘one-stop shop’ principle.

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How to start a business in Poland


– Why in Poland?
– Poland in brief
– Establishing and doing business in Poland
– Legal forms of entities
– Business activity – basic regulations
– Taxation
– Investment incentives
– English version (PDF).

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