Ecovis in Peru
We provide services in the fields of taxation, accounting, audit, business consulting, inventories, outsourcing sheets

Accounting in Peru

Accounting Outsourcing

With our service, businesses can count with trusting information for a better decision making, supported by the quality and the opportunity of the information according to International Financial Reporting Standards.

This service can be provided in our office or our client’s, with our or the client’s information system, thus offering the cost flexibility that is made to measure.

Supervision Outsourcing

With this service, our team of professionals will supervise on a monthly basis the development of the accounting process and the correct issuing of the financial statements by the Accounting Department of the business, thus providing knowledge and expertise in a well-organized process that satisfies Management.

Accounting Diagnosis

We provide a holistic approach of the accounting process, from the data flow and reception of management information to the financial reports, thus allowing to identify the actions that should be taken in order to grant an efficient accounting process.