Accounting Services:

Within our accounting services we provide booking of all transactions from the provided supporting documents on a weekly, bi weekly and monthly basis. We prepare the trial balance and statements depending each individual client’s requirements.

Payroll Services:

We provide services of payroll administration, payments calculation, filing to the CSS, advice on labor issues, and hiring of personnel.

Incorporation Services:

When a new company arrives in Panama, they need consultation on this matter our expertise will guide you through the selections of entities, tax opportunities, landmark, locations; we help in all these decisions that become when incorporating an entity.

Internal and External Audit Services:

We provide internal audit, this will help the client established or improved their internal process, at the same time help them in writing the client their procedures. We also provide the services of auditing entities for their financial statements to have an opinion of an independent accountant.

Compliance and Forensic Audit:

In our audit services we also provide compliance audit on reviewing that an entity is in compliance with regulations or term of agreement, to insure that the client company complies with the Panamanian legal, fiscal, tax regulations and agreements. We provide, in specific request, forensic audit to thoroughly investigate all the transactions and balances on the prosecution of criminal acts such as fraud ad embezzlement.

Tax Advisory:

We provide tax advice to newcomers’ entities as well as to established entities. Our knowledge helps to provide tax advice on income tax, municipal tax, for individual residents or companies. We provide our clients immediate advice on prospects or new laws, which might affect their activities for their awareness and also to prepare it selves for its compliance.

U.S. Income Tax advice and Individual Tax Returns:

Our International business team of corporate tax and accountant, with expertise in U.S. income tax regulations, offer this service to U.S. citizens living & working in Panama. This service makes it sure that you comply with FBAR, and now FATCA protocols and filing their income tax on time.