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Payroll Norway

For most foreign companies, running payroll in Norway unassisted is almost an impossible task. The result is often incorrect or missing tax filing and endless paper work. We in ECOVIS Ardur Tax AS can follow you through the complete process of payrolling employees in Norway.

Norwegian payroll and employment practices are complex and strictly regulated by legislation. All income earned in Norway must be payrolled and declared in Norway. Depending on tax treaties, income is often liable for Norwegian income taxation and Norwegian National Insurance.

By choosing ECOVIS Ardur Tax AS as your payroll partner in Norway, you are ensured full compliance and valuable advice. We will advice you on a compliant and cost-effective setup, and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Typically, payroll includes:
  • Income tax deductions
  • National insurance contributions, both from the employee and employer, alternatively assistance with registering National Insurance Confirmations from your home country if applicable
  • Holiday pay deduction and annual holiday payment
  • Mandatory pension deduction, administration and payments, for those who are required to have a Norwegian pension
  • Administration and payment of statutory sick pay and parental pay, for employees covered by Norwegian National Insurance
  • Payments of wages, or payment advice
  • Administration of insurances (including statutory workers’ compansation) for those required
  • The deposit of tax deductions into the dedicated mandatory tax deduction bank account, for those with tax liability in Norway
  • Assistance with obtaining a liability waiver so that your client is not jointly responsible for taxes, national insurance and wages
  • “A-meldingen” reports (statutory monthly income and tax declaration, regardless of tax liability)

ECOVIS Ardur Tax AS can provide all-inclusive services, including net pay projections, payroll cost calculations, assistance with opening bank accounts and arranging pensions and insurance schemes.