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Work Permit Application

How to apply for work permit

First time applicants

Before you start the process of obtaining a work and residence permit, you need to hold a valid work offer in Norway from a Norwegian entity. As soon as you hold a valid work offer, you can get in contact with Ecovis as we can assist you with the mandatory work and residence permit. Please see below a brief guide containing what documents you need, and how to apply in Norway.

Document requirements

You will need a valid passport (min 6 month validation period), one extra passport photo, a copy of a signed work contract in Norway, an updated CV and an educational certificate/Diploma with a relevant degree that matches your work offer.

Residence card

The card is the proof that you hold legal residence in Norway. It takes approximately 10 working days from you do the ID-check until the residence card arrives by mail to a confirmed mail address. Please be advised that you need to book appointments to both submit your application and to appear for an ID-check. Ecovis is able to take measures to make sure you get an appointment the fastest possible way. The Norwegian residence card gives you access to the Schengen area.

The waiting line to submit an application varies depending on which city the application is delivered in. There is no set processing time, however normally the immigration authorities process and inform the applicant of its decision within 4 weeks. If your permit is granted, it is arranged a booking at the local police office for an ID-check to submit an application for your actual residence card.

Application from India

Should you choose to apply from India/abroad, you need to get in contact with the closest Norwegian visa center, embassy or consulate. The process of applying abroad is similar to when you apply in Norway, however please keep in mind that the time it takes before you are given a notification about the decision in most cases are longer.

The safest and most efficient way of obtaining a Norwegian work and residence permit is to contact Ecovis Mobility Services, a trusted partner for many employees planning to move to Norway.

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