Air passenger tax Norway
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Air passenger tax Norway

The Norwegian Tax Administration have introduced an “air passenger tax” in Norway, subject for all commercial transport by air of passengers from Norwegian airports. It took effect from 1 June 2016, and needs to be reported and paid 18 days into the following month, each month.

The tax administration requires airlines to register as a tax payer and to report this information accordingly. Avinor (The operator of most civil airports and air traffic control in Norway) will supply the tax administration with information on enterprises liable for this tax.

Enterprises registered in Norway through either a limited liability company or as a branch of a foreign enterprise (NUF) may declare this tax themselves. Enterprises without a place of business or domicile in Norway are required to have a representative which can report these taxes on the enterprises’ behalf.

ECOVIS Ardur Tax AS may assist both enterprises with a place of business in Norway and foreign enterprises. We will act as your air passenger tax representative, ensuring compliance in accordance with Norwegian legislation. This includes gathering the necessary information, submittal and payment of taxes and acting as the contact person on behalf of the enterprise towards the Tax administration.

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We also provide services related to other excise duties, such as mineral oil tax.

ECOVIS Ardur Tax AS is a company specialized in assisting foreign companies in Norway, and we have in-depth experience from aiding companies from many branches, including the airline industry.’

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