Payroll desk
As an employer you are often confronted with a host of complex issues that do not fall within your area of expertise. It is therefore not surprising if you have questions in the areas of personnel, payroll accounting, wage tax and employment law.

Wage tax and social security

What can the Payroll desk do for you?

Actively responding to new developments in the area of wage tax and social security can be well worth the effort. We will be happy to support you to ensure that the legislation and regulations, as well as the many changes made to these, are applied correctly.

This may include:
  • supporting wage tax audits
  • applying and advising on (new) statutory provisions relating to wage tax and social security
  • advising on pensions (including self-administered pensions)
  • advising on the tax optimisation of redundancy payments
  • developing tools for performing calculations relating to the expense allowance scheme, company cars, etc.
  • advising on the tax-friendly remuneration of staff

Do you have any questions or would you like to make a no-obligation appointment? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us.