Payroll desk
As an employer you are often confronted with a host of complex issues that do not fall within your area of expertise. It is therefore not surprising if you have questions in the areas of personnel, payroll accounting, wage tax and employment law.

Employment law advice

  • What happens in the event of sickness absence or redundancy, for example?
  • What rights do employees and you, as the employer, have?
  • What provisions should be included in the CLA?
  • How do you draw up a good employment contract?

We have the knowledge required to answer such questions.

What is employment law?

Employment law governs the relationship between an employer and employee. This relationship can be laid down on an individual basis in the form of an employment contract or collectively in the form of a CLA. If no mutual agreements have been made, the general regulations apply. Certain matters are always governed by the statutory regulations, irrespective of what the employer and employee have agreed. Our Payroll desk understands that the regulations in the area of employment law can sometimes be difficult to fathom for employers. How can you ensure the best employment law arrangements are in place at your company?

What does the Payroll desk offer?

We will be happy to advise you on all matters arising in the area of employment law. This may include:
  • advising on, drawing up and/or assessing employment contracts
  • drawing up and/or assessing study costs schemes, bonus schemes and car schemes and aligning these with any statutory and CLA provisions
  • determining the scope of application of a CLA
  • determining notice periods
  • advising on and supporting applications for dismissal
  • advising on and supporting (part-time) reintegration procedures under the Unemployment Insurance Act
  • calculating the level and duration of unemployment benefit
  • advising on sickness absence and incapacity for work, as well as the associated benefits and insurance
  • taking legal action where necessary

Do you have any questions or would you like to make a no-obligation appointment? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us.