Wage tax in the Netherlands

Wage tax in the Netherlands

Are you having difficulties with wage tax in the Netherlands? Are you struggling to get to grips with the Dutch tax system? Or are you unsure whether you have calculated your wage tax correctly?

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the Dutch tax system and don’t take any risks. Get professional assistance from ECOVIS BonsenReuling and receive expert advice on the subject of wage tax in the Netherlands.

The Dutch tax jungle – wage tax and other taxes

It is easy to get lost in the jungle of the Dutch tax system. Many aspects differ from the situation in other countries and can lead to confusion. If you lack the necessary experience, the tax system (wage tax, for example) can quickly throw up all kinds of questions and leave you feeling perplexed.

But don’t be put off. Take advantage of our tax and business advice services and receive comprehensive, cross-border advice on the subject of wage tax from an expert team.

Avoid risks in the area of wage tax in the Netherlands

ECOVIS BonsenReuling boasts a wealth of experience in relation to cross-border issues and a competent expert team. We have been advising companies of various sizes and from various sectors on issues relating to tax law and business management more than 100 years. Wage tax in the Netherlands is always one of the major issues they face.

Our multifaceted, German-speaking team is made up of tax advisors, legal experts, auditors and payroll accountants who will deal with your concerns in the best possible way. Personal support is an aspect that is particularly important to us. Working with ECOVIS BonsenReuling will give you certainty in the area of tax and business certainty, help you avoid financial risks and reduce the administrative burden on your company.

How and where do you apply for a wage tax card in the Netherlands? What is the wage tax rate? What wage tax allowances are there? Who pays wage tax in the Netherlands – the employee or the employer? What do you need for your records? What wage tax do you get back? Even simple questions like these can be the cause of unnecessary and lengthy hold-ups. ECOVIS BonsenReuling will be constantly by your side, giving you our full support with all the necessary processes and preventing any tax-related problems.

Long-standing experience combined with a high level of expertise

Focus all your attention on the success of your business in the Netherlands instead of on the laborious task of dealing with tax matters. Our comprehensive support in the areas of tax, business and law will give you the freedom and flexibility you need.

In addition to wage tax, we can also advise you on a range of other issues linked to your company, including:
  • Hiring Dutch employees
  • Setting up a business in the Netherlands
  • Importing goods
  • Transactions with Dutch agents
  • Works contracts in the Netherlands
  • Transactions in the Netherlands
  • Dutch tax law

Let ECOVIS BonsenReuling give you the advice you need

We will be pleased to support you in the area of wage tax and with other matters too. Do you have any questions at this stage? If so, you can of course contact us without obligation and receive comprehensive advice.