Doing business in the Netherlands

Doing business in the Netherlands

Are you planning to do business internationally and looking for tailored advice?

Doing business in the Netherlands opens up a wealth of opportunities. To make a commercial success of such a venture, it makes sense to opt for an expert partner who can support you with any fiscal, legal, financial and cultural issues you may face. ECOVIS BonsenReuling will be pleased to offer you the advice you need.

  • Are you interested in doing business in the Netherlands, but are not sure where to start?
  • Would a Dutch company be an interesting option for you and what are the consequences if you start operating in the Netherlands?
  • Do you want to hire a Dutch employee, but have no idea what arrangements you need to make?
  • Are you already doing business in the Netherlands, but are you unsure whether you are benefiting from all the tax advantages and whether you have everything in good order?
  • Are you already doing business in the Netherlands and already receiving support, but are you finding the communication difficult or that your advisor does not understand you?

These are just a handful of the issues that you may face if you take the step and come to the Netherlands to work or do business, for example. ECOVIS BonsenReuling will give you the advice you need and alleviate your concerns. We will also be happy to help you optimise and improve your existing activities in the Netherlands.

Why do you need us?

  • You have insufficient knowledge of the Dutch legislation applicable to foreign entrepreneurs, European law and/or international law (tax, social security, employment law, company law, etc.)
  • You are having difficulties in the area of communication and/or culture – we will be your contact
  • You lack a sufficient overview and are therefore missing out on opportunities
  • You lack a sufficient overview and are therefore failing to identify (tax-related) risks, including significant additional tax assessments and penalties


We can support you in dealing with all kinds of problems and issues.
Some of the areas in which we can assist you are presented below:

  • Starting a business in the Netherlands
  • Setting up a Dutch B.V. (private limited company)
  • Opening a shop/outlet store in the Netherlands
  • Salary split
  • Hiring Dutch employees
  • Cross-border audit
  • Information on social security
  • Contact with Dutch authorities
  • Holding stocks in the Netherlands

Would you like to find out more about what we can offer or would you like a no-obligation discussion? If so, please contact us.