The audit and transfer pricing office ECOVIS Audit Madrid Grosclaude & Partners began its activities on 1990. It is an independent auditing and consultancy firm focused on domestic and foreign companies located in Spain.

It is an organization of recognized prestige among its clients and in the sector of professional offices, integrating 21 own professionals and 3 externals providing services on a recurrent basis.

The office is aimed at clients of family origin, subsidiaries of multinational groups of Germanic and Anglo-Saxon origin mainly, national organizations (foundations, associations, etc.) and national companies that have been internationalized.

The sectors it serves are very varied and diversified (services, manufacturing and industry in general, distribution, education, R&D, financial sector, food, etc.).

Since its foundation, the Firm has evolved in the structure and type of service offered to its clients, providing currently the following services:

  • statutory audit of accounts
  • due diligence
  • transfer pricing consultancy
  • business valuation
  • selective search for investment opportunities

The type of cases in which the office is involved varies substantially from one customer to another. The advice given is strongly personalized and adapted to every specific project.

Our Identifying Characteristics

Pooled expertise, applying what is needed, when it’s needed.
We start with our clients’ needs, which we explore and define from the outset. This allows us to tailor our services and deploy our human capital in precise due measure.

We join forces with you under our shared commitment to professional excellence.
We insist upon always assigning highly qualified personnel to every project, and we further ensure that our efforts remain focused on your success.

We have been joining forces with our clients in the pursuit of excellence for close to 30 years.
Thanks to a track record of success that serves to endorse our professional standards, we can confidently state that our work is both highly professional and technologically sound.