Ecovis in Luxembourg

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2134 Luxembourg

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About us

Clients find many good reasons to come to ECOVIS Luxembourg.

Yes, Luxembourg is an attractive place from which to do business. As a primary financial centre, its ideal geographical location, its excellent infrastructure of roads, telecommunication, health care and other services, all these make Luxembourg a comfortable and secure place in which to live and work.

However, the primary reason for our success is simply that we care. Our clients appreciate the fact that they have direct access to the partners, who plan and steer the execution of all mandates. The business world is fast becoming very complex and demanding, to the point that clients require assistance to navigate through regulatory and tax mine fields before they can achieve their business objectives.

The ECOVIS Luxembourg partners have together decades of broad experience which enables them to identify risks and seek optimal solutions. We cover areas such as personal and corporate income tax, value added tax, accounting, audit and company administration. Our ability to service on a range of disciplines is extremely valuable to clients. After all, our task is to help our clients to solve their problems and ultimately, to succeed.

Our clients include individuals, small to medium-size companies and multi-national companies.

The joining of ECOVIS in 2010 was a logical and exciting step in the development of our firm. In the ECOVIS network we have found like-minded professionals, and we have already collaborated successfully on many mandates with some of our international partners. We are looking forward to contribute to the ECOVIS network in the coming years.