Ecovis in Liechtenstein (English)
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Ecovis in Liechtenstein (English)

Founded in 2005 by Mag. Thomas Hosp, the firm combines deep knowledge in national, international and European tax law as well as audit. With a team of certified Liechtenstein and Austrian tax experts and auditors, ECOVIS Kanzlei Mag. Thomas Hosp is able to offer its clients comprehensive and tailor-made solutions. Through multiple mandates, the firm could show that its staff possesses a fundamental understanding not only of national, but also of international tax law.

Mag. Thomas Hosp has a comprehensive network in Liechtenstein and abroad. He is founding partner and member of the board of the International fiscal Associations Liechtenstein branch, member of the Liechtenstein double taxation convention task force as well as Liechtenstein correspondent for the International Bureau for Fiscal Documentation (IBFD).

Liechtenstein, bordering Austria and Switzerland, is internationally renowned as location for banks and foundations, but is also home to important industrial companies. Since announcing the so-called Liechtenstein Declaration, Liechtenstein has found itself in a radical transformation process. This was further encouraged by the approval of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and the subsequent removal from its list of non-cooperative jurisdictions.

As part of this change, clients engaging in international transactions related to Liechtenstein are subject to many opportunities and challenges calling for action. ECOVIS Kanzlei Mag. Thomas Hosp supports its clients and ECOVIS partners with its international expertise.


LL.M., Wirtschaftsprüfer, Wirtschaftstreuhänder und Steuerberater in Liechtenstein
Mag. Thomas Hosp
LL.M., Wirtschaftsprüfer, Wirtschaftstreuhänder und Steuerberater
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