Accountants, tax advisors and payroll specialists in Japan
Our experienced bilingual staff will provide comprehensive support for various tasks at the accounting/payroll department accurately, efficiently and cost effectively. Contact us


Our core competence is in the Business Process Outsourcing of global enterprises. About 65% of our revenue is from international companies.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can be an important part of management strategies to optimize the value of the company. In order to optimize value, capital must be used for the benefit of core resources or portions of the business that directly generate revenue. Personnel, general affairs and finance operation, for instance, are essential resources, but these would not be called the core or direct revenue generating resources. If management can source these essential but non-core resources from the market at a lower cost than retaining internally, and their high quality is guaranteed, it would be impractical not to utilize those resources.

ECOVIS APO, providing bilingual staff with extensive experience and knowledge of finance operation, payroll and tax, will help you compete better and accomplish your goals in Japan.

ECOVIS APO also coordinates accounting and audit, tax and legal and other business advisory services for Japanese foreign subsidiaries in alliance with ECOVIS International network.