Payroll and Social Insurance
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Payroll and Social Insurance

ECOVIS APO certified ISO 27001 to provide payroll services under highly secure information management environment.

Japan payroll processing

  • Monthly payroll and bonus calculation
  • Payroll and withholding tax payment
  • Retirement allowance
  • Payroll journal entries
  • Gross-up payroll for expatriate
  • Year end tax adjustment
  • Information return

Social and labour insurance lodgement

  • Declaration of labour insurance premium
  • Annual review of social insurance premium
  • Change of monthly standard remuneration
  • Reporting on new/retiring employees
  • Benefit claim and other miscellaneous lodgement

On-site staff services

  • Payroll staff available on client site
  • Data gathering for payroll calculation
  • Question and answer with employees
  • Filing and storage of confidential payroll data
  • Benefit processing

Payroll and social insurance advisory

  • Consultation on outsourcing planning and migration
  • Work rules, employment contracts and other payroll related policies and procedures

Contact us:

President, CPA/LTA in Japan
Kazuhiko Chiba
President, CPA/LTA
Phone: +81 3 5228 1682
Partner, LSIC in Japan
Kazuko Honda
Partner, LSIC
Phone: +81 3 5228 1684

Scope of services: