Tax consulting, Tax planning, Preventive tax audit, Accompaniment in inspection processes and Advice on tax litigation

Tax consulting

We assist our clients in dealing with queries related to tax issues that affect their business operations in different types of industry, whether related to the treatment of sales tax, income tax, remittances abroad, other withholdings, special taxes, etc.

Tax planning

We understand that it is much better to identify and resolve tax situations before they become problems, for this we assist companies in the analysis and reconfiguration of their internal tax functions, so that they are more efficient and effective in managing of their fiscal responsibilities and the proper fulfillment of tax obligations.

Preventive tax audit

We offer the tax audit service through which the existence of contingencies is identified and their economic importance is assessed, based on an evaluation of compliance with the various tax obligations.

Accompaniment in inspection processes

A service aimed at companies that have already been notified of the start of an inspection action by the Tax and Customs Administration and that provides support in the joint review and preparation of the documentation required for analysis in the audit process as well as assistance to information requirements during the audit.

Advice on tax litigation

We provide tax litigation services, which include the analysis of the case and design of strategies to challenge through the necessary means of defense, in tax, customs, foreign trade and contracting matters.

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