Ecovis in Hong Kong
We provide auditing, accounting, taxation, due diligent, company secretarial services, incorporation, patent and trademark registrations, real estate investment, risk evaluation, merger and acquisition.
Our core Services...

Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy Department of Focus Asia Market Consultants Limited provide financial advisory consulting services, and our service network all over the world can assistant clients specially in charge of handling financial affairs locally, regionally and internationally and help clients hold onto any business opportunity.

Service Market

Business Consultancy Department provides professional financial transaction advisory services. Services transactions have experienced an exponential growth of data and we accumulate extensive financing experience. Our professional team can work in close partnership with consultancy partners, and use our extensive market knowledge locally, regionally and internationally.

We are experienced in the following markets:
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Shipping
  • Entertainment
  • Mining

Professional Services

The Business Consultancy Department aims at facilitating mergers and acquisition, and capital financing across the border. In this way, the knowledge in information, industry and business can be converted into values. Our services include:

    1. Listing Activities
      We can introduce strategic investors and venture capital funds to the Group before listing.We, as an independent professional accountant, offer professional advices to the board of directors or management, in accordance with the listing regulations.
    2. Company Management
      We offer assistance to clients in managing the possible risks of the companies. The operational environment and business risk are also assessed in order to evaluate the management structure, improve the operational quality of directors’ board, as well as reinforce the regulation, assessment and management.
    3. Internal Audit
      Through internal audit, both in form of cooperation and contracting, we help corporate to be familiar with the advanced mode of operation, so as to lower the operating costs and improve the profits.In cooperation service, we are experienced in merchandizing and stack management, therefore can fully support the internal audit of our clients.In contracting service, we do the internal audit through well-established work procedures and advanced technologies.Furthermore, we also help our clients either by establishing the internal audit department or breaking through the conventional modes of internal audit, so as to convert it into a strategic mechanism for business information and corporate value addition.
    4. Audit of Financial Models
      Our independent audit bases on major business analysis or model can help our clients to improve in reporting, as well as the integrity and credibility of decisions.We once carried out audit on a business expansion analysis, and successfully found out the key problems. We prevented the client from an enormous loss, which in turn benefited the client much more than the audit fee.
    5. Business Risk Management
      We search and quantify the strategic risks for our clients (risks that affect shareholders most), and prioritize them according to the risk level. This is an effective and efficient risk assessment procedure, which finds out and quantifies the risks from top down which affect the corporate business report. We can also generate a well-ordered internal audit proposal, among cooperation or contracting, through thorough assessment on business risks.
    6. Internal Control and Self-assessment of Risks
      We can recommend the best mode of operation, assist in research and development, as well as implement cost-effective control and risk management system.


Track Record

1. Investment modeling and due diligence

Client category: a local investor in the food & catering and bio-tech industry
Project’s geographical coverage: Hong Kong and Mainland China
Project’s target: Investment modeling and market valuation for the company.

2. Business reorganization and valuation assessment

Client category: a leading retail business in Hong Kong
Project’s geographical coverage: Hong Kong
Project’s target: Economic and strategic analysis for retail business and business retail category combination.

3. Market development strategy

Client category: A leading Chemical company in UK
Project’s geographical coverage: Taiwan and Guangdong
Project’s target: Preparation in expanding its services in specific product segments in SE Asia – A strategic market development analysis of chemicals in Taiwan and Guangdong for a leading chemical player in the world.