Combined HR & Payroll Solutions
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Combined HR & Payroll Solutions

Payroll Services and HR Management are one of our key practicing areas and we are dedicated to offer specialized accurate payroll computations and to provide HR management assistance meeting at the same time all the requirements of the tax, labor and employment law as is in full force from time to time and according to the needs of each business sector. 

More specifically, our services include but are not limited to the above:

  • Drafting Employment Agreements based on Greek employment legislation;
  • Supporting home office and remote employees’ schemes based on local tax and social security legal framework and providing guidance for avoidance of permanent establishment attribution based on the OECD guidelines;
  • Providing computations of monthly payroll including statutory bonuses (Christmas, Easter, and Vacation) and other bonuses that will be provided to employees by each company;
  • Submission of payroll withholding tax returns within the statutory time limits and deadlines;
  • ERGANI’s electronic platform submissions of new employees/employees leaving the company/salary changes etc;
  • ERGANI’s electronic platform submissions of local employees working schedules and time shifts;
  • Computation of the employees’ statutory indemnity upon resignation or dismissal;
  • Submission of electronic files for the Social Security authorities (APD returns);
  • Processing and preparing computerized payment file according to each company’s bank platform in order to execute the company’s payroll payments electronically.

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Payroll and HR in Greece
Aikaterini Flouda
HR and Payroll
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