Wyndham Hotel Group
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Wyndham Hotel Group


Wyndham Hotel Group approached Wingrave Yeats to seek assistance in back office support.


We provide a full hands-on service to allow overseas companies to enter and operate in the UK and European markets with minimum investment and reduced risk. We deal with all financial matters allowing the new business to concentrate on the key operational aspects of setting up in a new market.


We completed the assignment the Group successfully wrapped its UK activity.


“We had originally assumed that the work involved would not be significant and that their involvement would be over in months. That was before we understood how much they could do for us and how helpful they have been. This is an excellent accounting firm to work with. Without them we would have had to maintain a full administrative structure over here. They are responsive and highly professional… and we can rely on them to provide a quality service on an outstanding basis. They add significant value to our efforts and I can highly recommend them to other businesses with similar requirements.” – Senior Vice President, S&P 500 leisure and hotel business
Wyndham Hotel Group

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