Financial Year – 1 October – 30 September
Currency – Myanmar Kyat (MMK)

Corporate Tax Summary

Residence – 25% on net profit

Basis of Taxation – 5% of net profit

Corporate Income Tax Rate (%)25% on Net IncomeMyanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
Branch Tax Rate (%)25% on Net ProfitMyanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
Withholding Tax Rate:
Dividends – Franked2% (WHT is imposed only if the taxpayer is profitable)Myanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
Dividends – UnfrankedDepends on Management PolicyMyanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
Dividends – Conduit Foreign IncomeDepends on Management PolicyMyanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
InterestDepends on Management PolicyMyanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
Royalties from Intellectual Propertyfrom 15%Myanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
Fund Payments from Managed Investment TrustsNAMyanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
Branch Remittance Tax2%Myanmar Tax Law (renewed yearly)
Net Operating Losses (Years)
Carry Back
Carry ForwardBusiness losses can be carried forward up to 3 years and deducted from the profit of upcoming years.

Individual Tax Summary

Residence – Residents and non-residents are taxed on their Myanmar income. Non-residents must pay Tax only when their stay in Myanmar exceeds 183 days in a year.

Basis of Taxation – No tax due if income from salaries is less than MKK 4.8 million per year.

Filing Status – Filing each month and submit it to Tax Office within first 7 days of every month.

Personal Income Tax Rates

Taxable IncomeTax Payable – ResidentsTax Payable – Non Residents
MMK 1 (US$0.0007) – MMK 2,000,000 (US$ 1,332)0%same as Residents
MMK 2,000,001 (US$1,333) – MMK 5,000,000 (US$ 3,332)5%same as Residents
MMK 5,000,001 (US$3,333) – MMK 10,000,000 (US$6,666)10%same as Residents
MMK 10,000,001 (US$ 13,332) – MMK 20,000,000 (US$13,332)15%same as Residents
MMK 20,000,001 (US$ 13,333) – MMK 30,000,000 (US$20,000)20%same as Residents
MMK 30,000,001 (US$ 20,001) and above25%same as Residents

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Taxable TransactionsRefer to Myanmar Tax Law
Filing and PaymentWithin first 10 days of every month

Other Taxes Payable

Payroll TaxWithin first 7 days of every month
Stamp DutyDifferent rates depending on type of income
Land TaxDepends on value of Land

Last updated: 25.10.2020