Progress in diversity in consulting
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Progress in diversity in consulting

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Mixed teams have been proven to work more efficiently, not only in management consulting profession but also in other professions. It brings together different experiences and skill sets, a greater range in brainstorming, or a better understanding of cultural nuances: mixed consulting teams provide many advantages for clients. The Ecovis experts explain why this is the case and how they deal with it themselves (see box).

In the past, the field of consultancy was generally male-dominated, and most consultants were from similar educational backgrounds. However, over the past few years, the profession has seen an improvement in diversity and inclusion in areas such as gender equality. Over 42% of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors’ members are women, whereas only 30 % of FTSE’s 350 chief audit executives are women.

We will show you how to set up a mixed team and earn maximum profits from our experience.
Mischelle Jawad, Senior Consultant – Internal Audit, ECOVIS FAMCO Associates, Karachi, Pakistan

How an inclusive audit team can improve audit quality and organizational culture

  • Increased productivity, creativity, and revenue: Different experiences, skill sets, and perspectives work together to provide new and innovative ideas and the potential for increased productivity and better financial performance.
  • Reduced turnover: A diverse leadership team means that subordinates from different cultures feel acknowledged and more comfortable in discussing their problems and difficulties.
  • Innovative ideas, conflict resolution, and effective decision-making: Culturally diverse teams have been found to address problems more effectively in comparison to their less diverse counterparts. Individuals with different experiences and views can bring a better range of ideas, and teams can reach innovative solutions faster.
  • Positive and inclusive company outlook: Companies with a diverse and inclusive workplace culture are frequently seen by customers and clients as more relatable and socially responsible.
  • Increased cultural awareness: A diverse workforce means that a company better understands cultural nuances and can compete in a global marketplace.

More knowledge through mixed teams
We believe in diversity, innovation, and inclusion. We, therefore, provide a wide range of services, and each team is highly diversified. Female employees are given equal opportunities. Our inclusive teams work closely towards constantly providing better services to our clients with new and innovative ideas.

How diversity can be promoted and implemented in consulting

  • Train the senior management to accept a diverse culture within the organization
  • Actively advertise internal audit jobs in non-traditional spaces
  • Create mentorship and support opportunities
  • Promote a culture of inclusiveness within and outside the organization
  • Offer flexible working/remote working environments
  • Incorporate diversity into workplace policies and processes

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Mischelle Jawad, Senior Consultant – Internal Audit, ECOVIS FAMCO Associates, Karachi, Pakistan


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