Stuart Hinds

Managing Partner

Short bio:

I help International Mid-Market CFOs have painless global audits.

I am a Chartered Accountant with a Chartered Diploma in Corporate Finance. I have over 25 years’ experience in professional practice working with International Mid-Market Companies, Large Corporates and Entrepreneurs.

I have developed a methodology for international audits that my clients really value. There are some key principles to the methodology, but the process can be flexed to each client’s circumstances delivering a tailored and efficient audit experience. I deliver regular training to my team who are skilled and take ownership for delivering the benefits associated with the methodology on a consistent basis. If CFOs value their time, dislike late surprises and think meeting deadlines are important, this methodology is the perfect fit.

I work with CFOs to ensure that they are clear on accounting matters and whether they are black or white or judgemental. Where they are judgemental, I work with my clients to ensure that the judgements made are reasonable, commercial, and robust. CFOs regularly comment that they have received a better audit experience working with ECOVIS than they have received working with some of our competitors and I am very proud of this feedback.

International Mid-Market CFOs tend to be self-sufficient and time poor. I make working with me easy and efficient by responding quickly, clearly, and succinctly to technical questions. I also join the CFOs finance team where there are resource constraints or skills gaps to deliver projects, particularly in the areas of corporate finance and international expansion. I build strong relationships with CFOs to enable them to maximise the positive impact they can have in and on their companies.

CFO clients like the holistic approach I take to working with them. I take ownership and responsibility for all services provided to clients and ensure all advice is co-ordinated with the ‘big picture’ in mind. I use my technical skills and experience of working with over 250 companies in the last 25 years to be a reliable and trusted advisor to CFOs of International Mid-Market companies.


  • Audit
  • Corporate finance
  • Due diligence
  • Strategic, operational and general business advice

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