ECOVIS is now offering legal services in Israel
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ECOVIS is now offering legal services in Israel

We welcome our new partners from ECOVIS Lalkin Weiss headquartered in Bney brak, Israel. ECOVIS Lalkin Weiss has worked closely for many years with our colleagues of ECOVIS Israel Ozery CPA.

ECOVIS Lalkin Weiss is an Israeli boutique law firm founded in 2010 by Erez Lalkin and Erez Weiss. Both partners studied in the United Kingdom and have worked in Israel as lawyers for more than 25 years. Beside the two partners ECOVIS Lalkin Weiss consists of three lawyers, two para-legals and two administrative staff members. On case basis they also cooperate with three self-employed lawyers. ECOVIS Lalkin Weiss serves a variety of clients from different sectors: real estate entrepreneurs and contractors (some of which are highly recognized), taxation, agriculture companies, manufacturers, clients from the commerce & services sectors, vehicle leasing companies (including the two largest in the country) as well as retail chains. Besides clients from Israel they serve clients for example from France, Korea, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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