E-Invoices in Vietnam: E-Invoices Generated from Cash Registers
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E-Invoices in Vietnam: E-Invoices Generated from Cash Registers

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Enterprises, business households, or business individuals who provide goods or services directly to consumers are allowed to use e-invoices issued from Point of Sale (POS) cash registers (Clause 2, Article 8 of Circular 78/2021/TT-BTC). This covers business models such as shopping malls, supermarkets, retailing of consumer goods, foods and drinks, restaurants, hotels, retailing of modern medicines, entertainment and relaxation services and other services.


Conditions do apply regarding the generating of e-invoices from cash registers, including:

  • Having a stable internet connection.
  • Having a POS machine (i.e., receipt printer, cash register) or computer, a sales or accounting software, or a smartphone.


The principles applicable to authenticated e-invoices generated from cash registers that are digitally connected to tax authorities, are:

  • The e-invoice must be clearly recognizable as having been generated from a POS cash register.
  • Digital signatures are optional, not compulsory.
  • The expenditure featured on the e-invoice may be determined as an expense (in the context of tax obligations) if supported by sufficient supporting documentation. This principle also applies to copied invoices and also search results conducted on the invoice in the Portal of the General Department of Taxation.


The contents required to be included on e-invoices generated from the cash register system are:

  • Name, address, and tax code of the seller;
  • Name, address, and tax code of the buyer, if requested by the buyer;
  • Name of goods/services, unit price, quantity, and payment price;
  • Selling price excluding VAT, VAT rate, total VAT payables, and total amount payable including VAT if applying credit-invoice method;
  • Issuance date of the invoice;
  • Certified code for authenticated e-invoices issued by the tax authority.

Using e-invoices generated from cash registers connected to tax authorities brings many benefits, such as easy usage, cost and time savings, instant error management, active invoice issuance, and more.

To facilitate the application of e-invoices generated from cash registers, tax authorities provide many supportive regulations and approaches. This is aimed especially at business households. On 23rd August 2022, the tax authority issued Decision No. 1391/QD-TCT guiding the process of managing electronic invoices with codes of tax authority generated from cash registers.

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